It's not about who one knows,

but to know where to find them,

and to know what motivates them

Positioning synergy between

individual business interests

The Sinergi Group is an international network organisation that merges the deep network capacity of its members.

All members have cultivated their network over many decades and some are even inherited from previous generations.

Through the members' council the infinite network capacity is used to position synergy between the business interests of two or more parties.

From this synergy precisely the right resources (people, circumstances, money, influence, knowledge, products, materials, etc.) are made available.  

All synergy is bespoke at all times and fully aligned with mutual interests in advance.

This is where synergy becomes tangible to the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

Both by the width and depth of the network, Sinergi has no restrictions in terms of branches or industries.

Sinergi's organisation consists of a members' council, analyst team, liaison office, compliance desk and an overarching secretariat.

For any question or request please feel free to contact the liaison office at +31(0)36 5227737.

IBAN NL35 ABNA 0886 0425 50

TELEPHONE +31(0)36 5227737

VAT NUMBER 861229447B01
CC NUMBER 78004039