global network organisation

The Sinergi Group is an informal network organisation of wealthy and influential members, each with a large and deep personal network. Within Sinergi these diversified networks are united in one international network and opened up to the benefit of clients.

From this network capacity Sinergi introduces its clients precisely to the right people under precisely the right circumstances, fully adapted to the clients interests.

Sinergi developed a sophsticated synergy-formula with which entrance can be gained at any individual, company, organisation a client aspire for. This 'key to all doors' is found in the reciprocal value of synergy.

Besides an strategic entrance, reciprocal value often provides better results from fulfilled interests.

The Sinergi organisation is shaped with a member council, analyst team, liaison office and a compliance desk, jointly supported by a central secretariat.

In any case of unfulfilled interests, please feel free to contact us.

Contact information:

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