providing synergistic connections only


The Sinergi Group is an informal network organisation, merging the personal network capacity of its members, mostly single family offices.

Every member has a prominent position in its industry and built up a network over many decades. Some are even inherited from previous generations.

The unified network is represented by the member council. This council constantly observes major market developments and assesses where the network can provide bespoke connections towards the interests of stakeholders.

The bridge between connections and stakeholders is built by Sinergi's liaison office and is solely based on synergy. A team of analysts exposes such synergy and a compliance desk monitors integrity continuously.

With these divisions, Sinergi creates valuable leverage between mutual interests which leads ultimately to high yield returns for all involved. This is where synergy gets tangible.

For any question or request, you're kindly invited to contact the liaison office.

Contact information

The Sinergi Group - Liaison Office

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